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    "Eleven" is on City Weekly's top ten Utah artists album releases for 2010. Click the song description for the link to the music video & be sure to check out youtube.com/rawxtract for more music videos I have produced for other artists. Also check rawxtract.com for more adventures in artistic alchemy.






released February 19, 2010



all rights reserved


Raw Xtract

Voyeur, audiophile, detective of the lost and and forgotten gems of public domain. I am a VJ, videographer and music producer currently based in SLC, Utah. Enjoy the show.

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Track Name: Letter to Sun Tzu
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Track Name: Rach the G String...
I Just Broke the G String
I read my repertoire and think
“God, this is depressing”
The reality is that my inspiration flames burn
Out of the belly of my pain
Melodies are magical words
Deep treasures waiting to be discovered
I want to express it all
And keep the body
Combined with the spiritual beginnings
I am young
To think I can have this all
Still I hope
I am awake and naked
In every crowd
I don’t belong breathing in
An audience Solitary

“God, this is simplicity”
Creating a universe out of Nothing

Creates reality
Still I am thinking
The passions of my misgivings
The foundations of creations beginnings
The meters of language
The metronome clicking
Gauging my finger speed
Pressing black and white
Spaces on the Steinway
Expressing reality

“I just broke the G String.”

I am silently laughing
While the vibrations of power chords
Linger my thought waves
Into a composition
Previously unrecognized
Now named,
“I Just Broke the G String”

Still I am smiling
I won’t have to pay
For the replacement string
On the Steinway
To some other novice practitioner
This would be concerning
Perhaps this would stunt the development
Of their repertoire practice sessions
I am hoping
Imagination wandering
To the next set of fingertips
Pressing black and white spaces
Discovering the last pssions that sat here
Broke the G string
On this out of tune Steinway

As I exist naked
Somewhere in a crowded train
Humming a melody
A newly discovered composition
Entirely without G
This is my bemused reality,
To give myself the ultimate passionate compliment”
Rachmaninoff would understand
Somewhere in a universe
Of compositions he instigated
Through black and white spaces
Sailing a Russian sea of misgivings
He gave me some room
With a Steinway
Unable to love him
His flesh old and storm war weathered
I, frustrated and burnt
Rose up from the fires of revolution
The devilish ghost of Paganini
Accompanying me
Somewhere perhaps off key
My melody
“Oh, sssss
I Just Broke the G String”
While God, Me, Rachmaninoff, and Paganini
Are rolling, laughing
As Mother Russia is burning
Our inspiration genealogy
Into future musical heritage
Compositions endlessly continuing
The pain of lonely genius
Is the Devil
The piano form
Allows me and my forefathers
To symbolically embody
Burn me!”
She says
Mother Russia
Is laughing at a distance
I hear voices
As the unknown pianist
Plays Rachmaninoff’s pain
Paganini’s pain, my pain
Of “Oh God”
I just broke the G string
Of the Devil’s plaything
I just created a universe with this composition
A reality
Humming alone on a train
Accompanied in a far off room
Given by God
Instigated by Paganini
Taught by Rachmaninoff
This is my reality
Now that I have broken the G string
On the Steinway
I am complete
Free to rise from the flames
Ashes of our Mother
What could have been heard?
Through the black and white spaces
Had I not broken the G string?

My forefathers
The Devils
Those genius souls
That sat in a room with a piano
Are with me now
Breaking God’s string

Perhaps ‘A’ is next
Track Name: Forbidden Fruit
What is this sweet fascination?
Twist the grail pop a top
Bubbles foaming over flowing
Throat gulping
Timer wrist watch stops
Tasting indulgent objects
Holding phallic symbols
Golden Eggs Prometheus
Stole fire from the Sun

What is this dirty clinging feeling?
Wrapping plastic sealing
Destiny out grown by tragedy
Matter of factly
This is reality?
Comedy Sophocles,
I hear that thunder overhead
Secretly laughing

What is this rain?
Bacchus’s cheeks glowing red flames
Intoxicatingly giving fortune cookies
Fated dreams prophesying causality
Dueling freedoms path by reason
Descartes wheels breathing life separated
Body’s from mind and seasoned
Amanita muscaria is dripping
Down my white tee

What is this stain on my soul?
Narcissus drowns my laundry
Within rippling muddy pools
Inhabiting delicate sounding waves
Back to back Echo lacks
A proper prose to sing
Inspired hearts devotedly broken
Abandoned Muses inflict
Harmless ego bruises
Drowning in the Jungian pool
Consciousness within society
Will seed, plant, grow, and loom

What is this hidden crystal cavern?
Mythically methodically patterned
Erogenous astrological zones
Descending keys consciously pleading
Pine tree cones to DMT
Ancient spirits singing
“Listen to the doorway's opening!”
They guide, speaking freely
Unlocking groves of magical gatherings
Elysian Mysteries
Beckoning entry
Initiate me

Where am I?
Is that the question?
Is my time line correctly scattered?
Unfamiliar space appears
This projection point
An astral reference guiding light
I embody truth divine
I am
I am

What have I
Done this time?
Erased the line sideways
Heaven’s fault lines align cosmically
Seers of endless marvelous Genesis
Testing, guessing, questioning
In the garden’s beginning
Law abiding citizens
Never ate from the forbidden tree

Eat this fruit
Spin those wheels
Kick start heaven
Rise steel gears

Purify samsara
Detoxify karma
Embrace divinity
Occupy Nirvana

Eat that fruit
Defy God
Find a path
Natural law

Will these lessons mesmerize me?
Dissipating channels narrow margins
Constant particles widening
Interpreting silent philosophies
Apparent through the doors
Of perception opening
Symbols of sacred mythology
Rituals of humanity
Seek Godlike immortality
Becoming the essence
Of majestic infinity
Track Name: The Road Home
The Road Home

I dove deeply
Immersed within the undercurrents
Of Salt Lake City’s belly
Sharing the umbilical cord of humanity’s PVC
Breathing patterns engraved divinely
Upon each threaded strand of DNA
Connecting each individual to creation’s
Sidewalk leading back to the beginning
Of the Earth’s immortal gravity
Gray spaces crack tired bones
Holding body’s cold
Cement square blocks rest
Backs holding bricks with weighted packs
Deseret 20 degree thermometer
Sweaters offer little protection
From the freezing arid weather

Misty breaths test temporal matter
In fact, is it possible that this homeless state
Of existence is simply divine perception?
Life’s wisdom in parables taught
Through the wandering ascetic
Asking humbly
To prolong his journey just one more step
The golden rule of measurement:
Treat the least of these, my children
This day as I would treat thee
It could be you or me
Circumstances projecting your course
Into homelessness

Sleeping in between dreams
Perceiving the road ahead as an
Unforeseen uphill struggle
Dreams bridge the gaps
Of divine existence
Against material essence
The accumulation of which can’t be redeemed
Once we have left this earthly presence

For every sentence
I recite
An endless road combines
Each step I’ve taken
Behind this punctuation point
I wish I could say I’ve never
Aimlessly wandered
My marked size 8’s
With agony gripping
My feet until humility forced
Momentum to slow my gait
To a crimson stop

But once upon a time I
Sunk my soles to murky puddles
I seeped footprints beneath dreams
The moon pushed hope unconsciously
Navigating dark intentions
Rip tides pulled my stance
Firmly hitting bottom
On the sidewalk alone
Surprised I landed stranded
Alienated from the gateways
Of social pleasantries
Without a home

Hindsight 20/20 vision
Meditates upon past alley ways
Still recalling feet I haphazardly
Found myself creeping
Steps I mapped guiding police tape
Constellations nailing chalk lines
Flashing reds and blues
I’m not talking disco lights
This crime scene became my life
This whole poem is true

Yet this story is only
One sideline of the trail
Acquired through
Alchemical experimentation
Exploring realms of experiential knowledge
Distilling qualities of age
And continually stumbling over dual feet

I think the phrase referencing
This phenomenon is a demolition ball
Train wreck colliding with societal flaws
While heavenly goalies cheer “score one”
Team Me vs. Them
But then, again
Life is all perception
Perceived by that who is perceiving
Alley way circumstances
Found white and black trails
Blazed in my behavioral orbital motions
Perhaps I happened upon
A Big Mistake
But then again
I see wisdom achieved through
Taking responsibility of the demons
Chaining your earthly existence
To the lowest common denominator
Naming them appropriately as the angels that
Showed you an opportunity to transcend
Reaching beyond the causality
Of individual potential and breathing
Life’s momentum ascending
The levels of awareness
Somewhere upon a perpetually moving line
One step after another
I realized this eternal path is my road

I scaled mountain depths of Hell’s caverns
Transcending evolutions through reincarnating
As understanding
Breaking chains against weighted balls
Sisyphus pried manholes off gutter drains
Previously paved with metal and tar
Holes became faded scars
Prometheus rose from the ashes
Rebirthed from the heat of demons
Piling one on top of another
The minions became ladders
I climbed
One foot above the other
Raising the Devil’s
Horns to angel wings
I healed wounded landmarks to road signs
Signaled by past pitch marks
Stolen ashes created my Phoenix
The source of Heaven and Hell
Is all the same
Only the perception
Of the one who perceives
Is the origin changed
So I ask myself
If I am always on this Road
And my eternal body is in perpetual motion
Am I ever going to get home?

My arm stretches a beggar cup
The Buddha notices poverty
I rest in the alley
Way of sickness
The Buddha passes and sees
An opportunity for compassion
And healing
I lay in the path of death
The Buddha looks and sees
Humanity suffering
Within the darkness rests
Life and death, bardo between
The cracks of homelessness
The light within existence
If you see the Buddha
On the side of the Road
Ask the perceiver
Who perceives?
Perhaps all of this
Is simply me
The Dream
Endless searching
For my eternal road home

Ami M Hanna
Track Name: There's No Place Like Home
Mirror Mirror who’s that girl
I see appearing on the outside of
The body of the man
that lives within
Skin not belonging
To the feminine reflection
Is perception others see as
me a she not him
Traveling suburb roads
Within high hilled slopes
Scarlet feet accepted
Ironic unfamiliar
Feet are transgendered
Wishing for converse
Sneakers to ride
Skull painted boards
Gripping unclean meat tendered
Patriarch says I’m dirty
He phrases words such as,

“You’re disturbed, disgusting
Just going through a phase
Better repent to be saved
“You could be so pretty”
Just paint lies on your face
Smile the clown in sacrament
Meetings showing the 3 ring
Circus of Latter Day Saints
You’re a member of the flock
Black wool spooled from the
Blinded thoughts that queer
Isn’t beautiful
It’s a sign you’d best fall in line
To walk the temple climb
Stairway raising your eternal
Soul to God’s Celestial Worlds
Don’t you see Divinity?
In rejecting your inner gender
You must wear
White clothes and receive membership
congregational acceptance 
Mormon families
High idealed community
God’s children
Can’t see beyond
Heaven’s Celestial Glory
This Angel finds the face
Reflecting past and future
On the train Trax leaving
Downtown to spange
On the streets of Salt Lake

Mirror Mirror
I can see clearly here
This face not her but he
Riding the train to the SLC
The windows reflect the tears
Washing the battle paint
Down that swollen face
Wiping the past away with
Thoughts that it’s all behind
For good this time
Better to brave the winter weather
Then sleep cowering in basements
Fearing the screams leading
To beating transgendered beginnings
Right out of this body
Hearing words
“Just take what’s
good for you”
Girl, take off those chains
Break the weight confining
Your inner gender to something less
Than needs to be saved
Take your destiny
In your own hands of fate
The red shoes are thrown
Towards the Oz behind the
Screen of God
You won’t hide yourself
To ride a red balloon
Windy tornados blazing
Your Golden road
Heaven’s middle way
back Home

Trax station platforms veil time
As a destination
Plaza people pass
The spray paint graffiti holding bricks
Mortar engraved by blood sweat and tears
Freight car boxes
Plastered tagger names
Sign billboard ads of territories
Eyes prophesize already
What this ride will come to pass

Sitting on a sandstone rock
Chiseled by red and blue cop lights
Decidedly parked not to block
Commerce tracks
Sam Weller pages
Punk spangers
Signatures indent court arraignments
He watches through the gaps
As the northbound train grinds to a stop

A Homeless Punk
Recluse Anarchy patch
On his back
Green and Red rubber cement
Indian inked knuckles
Proclaim Hate VS Love
Utopian ideals
He explains the ways of
Forward moving trains
To a tribe of runaways
Gay bashed by parents
Mormon, drunk, not accepting
Many reasons for leaving
Many reasons for spanging
The heroin, the cocaine, the methamphetamine
A burger and fries
Can I bum a quarter? man
Or a smoke
Or a ride
On a train
On the Trax
Tuberculosis coughs
Sleeve collects the snot
Tears, ketchup and blood stains
Never washed or bathed
Gathering MRSA fluids
Lacking sanitary conditions
Or even a safe place to sleep or bathe
Childhood ages
Withdrawals the innocence
For a simple

Streets are better than the illusion
Of safety within white picket fences
Smiling neighbors don’t believe
Those queer kids are really being beaten

Homeless tribe families
Value each simple generosity
Of eyes shining through
The storms of right wing casualties
Sidewalks and overpasses offer
Comfort and safety from
The contact of swinging
Fists bringing judgment
Home becomes day to day
Wandering carrying
Heavy loads within backpacks
Walking train Trax
Hopping box cars
Filled with needles
Chains knives
Bruised fingers
Clasp the wreckage
Of life’s trash
Piling the screams
As recycled dreams
The city gates and rolling hills
Move slowly past
He escapes the life
He left behind
Moving to another
Hopefully a better
Way through time
The weather always changes
Seasons bring
As the sun
Shines to reveal
God is not the sleeve
Pounding destiny
But the light within
Your eyes that’s eternally shining

The Signs to heaven
Marked by railroad crossings
The Flashing
Reds and blue’s far behind
The life of that place they told
You was home, lies
Inside you held the truth
You always knew
The stars sent you away
To find your way back someday
Even this body will eventually
Sigh one last breathe
And you realize
Your light always has shined
Through the clouds and inspired
The silver lining
Paving the way to
Those that will follow
Upon this rainbow colored road
youth will commemorate
the sacrifices and abuses
you endured to
Save them from Hated
Fate giving them the freedom
To express the love and
Light that burns brightly
Forever within them
Mirrors will say to smiling
Reflected faces
You’re Queer Transgendered
Bisexual and Gay
All of this is your right
Your truth and destiny
Go forward Angel and shine!
Track Name: Bare

Muted trumpet flares
My soul reprimands
Eye seems shut
Red wine bottles
Placed delicately, deviant
Oh so carefully
Cellars cold chairs scattered
Condensed chains ferment
Grape vines

I am holding this empty glass
Someday shattered by your brass words
Muted trumpet
I have known you
Once upon a time
What’s your name?
In this lifetime

A dream precognition
Sitting by the ancient oak bar
Having this heart to heart
You again
Here to tear apart
Musical spaces, here
Do it again

I am a red wine glass
Hold me to your lips
Like brass eye locks
Connect again
That old jazz melody
In the last life
We wrote muted records
Trumpets scratching needles
Held to our heads
Sweating in Warsaw ghetto beds
Numbered chord progressions
Shouting precognition of Nazi
Concentration silent camps
Collecting pain
We sit and recollect
Where our eyes
Have been in love again
What’s your name?
This time
Do I dare to remember?
The day they took you away
I placed brass keys down
The record needle
Became a place in my soul
I filled it again and again

I am an empty red wine glass
Ancient oak bars
Waited, sitting between us
Reconnect, reminisce about the past
Names we gravely carried
Away by our footsteps
Pressed into the incineration ashes
Of our friends
Burned Nazi fires
Irreconcilable melodies coalesce
Muted trumpet blares
I remember your name then
Your name now
That same song
You play is mine

I place down
The empty glass
Pour the red bottle back
Down my soul
Needles filled with forgotten records
The compositions reborn
Cellar walls cold
To be opened
Set down
Like the souls we saw burned
The painful record marks
Scratches we carry through time
We break chains of grape vines
Angry, bloody red fermenting
Aged melodies
Opened past cellar doors
Warm to the mouth
My lips press the glass

I drink you in
Again and again
And again
You’re playing our song
Throughout time
Again and again
And again
I drink you in
I drink you in
I drink you in

Ami M. Hanna
Track Name: God and Devil Spell (remix)
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